Ellie Holcomb’s “Red Sea Road”

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I am so excited to be sitting in my cozy living room in front of the fire on this Sunday afternoon.  I just got a copy of Ellie’s record “Red Sea Road” in the mail on Friday, and I have been listening to it non stop.  It is a beautiful offering.  I had the opportunity to cowrite 2 songs with Ellie and Christa Wells for this project, “Red Sea Road” & “You Are Loved”.  I hold both of these people, those 2 songs, and those 2 days of writing very close to my heart.  I ended up singing on much of the project as well and spent two days in the studio with Ben Shive and Brown Bannister.  Some of my favorite days in the studio EVER!!  Please go to Spotify or ITUNES and take a listen to the this record.  I think you will love it.  I think you will love Ellie’s voice, songwriting and heart.   Much love to you all!  N


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