Farewell Angelina wins fan voted 2017 Taste of Country “Hot Seat” #RISER

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It has been an incredible 2 weeks.  In mid January, we found out that Farewell Angelina had been thrown into a pile of 31 new incredible country artists.  These were artists that http://tasteofcountry.com had chosen from reaching out to labels, management, booking, venues, press folks etc. about who were the next “class” of country music stars.   We were excited to be nominated!   As part of the contest, Taste of Country was going to have one artist chosen as the “Hot Seat” artist that would be voted on by their fans.

For the next two weeks, Farewell Angelina’s fans voted every 4 hours on multiple devices.  We had people from across the country sending in pictures of them voting, setting their alarms in the middle of the night to vote, asking their neighbors, businesses, families to get involved and support Farewell Angelina.   That support overwhelmed us.  We were not prepared for that many folks to be that passionate about us and our music. They made it their JOB to vote for us.   That paid off.

On Feb 1, we met at the Taste of Country office and revealed on FB live that we had won.

Feb 6, we shot 2 live performance videos and a picture of all of the #tocRISERS together.  We know who they are!  They will all be revealed on March 1.

As a part of the Taste of Country #tocRISERS, Farewell Angelina will be joining some of these artists, in Grand Junction, CO (June 17th) at one of the largest country music festivals in the country – Country Jam.

You will also see us popping up live during the month of Feb, shopping, performing, and hanging with the beautiful and talented Taste of Country VJ, Ms. Ania Hammer.  If you are interested in following Farewell Angelina on this journey come visit us at:



twitter:  @farewellamusic

instagram: @farewellamusic  &


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