Queens of Country review of Farewell Angelina’s Single “Hillbilly 401K”

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Thanks Queens of Country for the 4 Crown Review!!

Farewell Angelina is another new country girl group to pop up recently, along with more than a few others. Now that women are now able to get a bit more representation on country radio, quite a few women are deciding to join forces and create a girl group, maybe to try to fill the Dixie Chicks-shaped hole in country music, but some also to add a new element of girl power to country music. Some of the more notable names are Post Monroe, South Haven, and of course, Farewell Angelina.

Farewell Angelina released their debut single and a cover of Imagine Dragons’s “Radioactive” on the same day. While the cover definitely shows their unique sound and ability to sing anything, their debut single, “Hillbilly 401k” is the real gem. Written by band member Elizabeth Elkins, along with Vanessa Olivarez and Jon McElroy, the song is different than anything else sung about in country music, but it provides an interesting, fun new topic. Elkins described the songwriting process for Queens of Country:

“It was when [my family] moved to Alabama that I first heard people refer to the lottery as the “redneck 401k”. I brought that idea up in a songwriting session in Nashville…and my co-writer Jon McElroy suggested it might be more fun as “Hillbilly 401k”. The song came together pretty quickly though it originally had a completely different chorus that wasn’t quite as hooky. We ended up going for a nursery rhyme kind-of feel with the “come on baby”s to make it ear candy!”

And the song sure is ear candy. The repetition of “money money money money” is instantly ingrained in your brain, and it takes a while to get it out of there. The song also features prominent fiddle, an instrument lacking in most mainstream country music these days. Although not an extremely relatable song, it’s different, and different is definitely good when executed well, which this is. Farewell Angelina is another girl group to watch, and one that will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming months.
Overall rating: 4 crowns



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